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Four hours drive from La Paz towards Chile you have the Sajama National Park (4100m), with the second highest volcano in the world; Sajama (6542m), and as a side-effect thereof; hot springs.

We left at 7am and even so, there was quite a lot of traffic coming in and out of La Paz and El Alto. People here drive like they have 9 lives, yet they don’t. So you gotta be careful and if you don’t use your horn like a frantic, people wont think you are there. But once we turned south toward the Chilean border, traffic disappeared almost totally.

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Machu Picchu

12 years ago I was on the Ecuadorian side of the border to Peru, deciding whether to return home or push on to the southern parts of Peru. Often, I find, we are in similar situations, having to decide to go or not to go somewhere, and then eventually falling back on the premise that “I can always come back”. Well that decision took me over a decade.

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