The Call of the Wild..

Im off to canada for a 3 week trip, visiting old friends, and escaping into the wild for a bit.


I went with Jeff to the Adirondacks for quick hike in the mountains. We arrived pretty late saturday, endning up in what seemed like constant rain. I looked in quiet wonder at the soaked bear warning sign, where it said “Dont walk the trails at night”. Finally though, we managed to find an empty and dry shelter, and we were both wuite happy with it.

After a good nights sleep, we woke up to the eternal rain of the Adirondacks in october. We decided upon a route and hiked out. I cant recall having hiked in so much continuous rainfall, and so even with raingear i was soaked from the outside in. Even my little sony camera got completely foggy, and stopped working in the end. After a few days of low heat, it works almost perfectly again 🙂

Its always good to hike around in the Adirondacks, it gives a great wilderness experience, and the chance of stumpling upon a black bear, makes it all worthwhile.

Thomas Sindberg

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