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Four hours drive from La Paz towards Chile you have the Sajama National Park (4100m), with the second highest volcano in the world; Sajama (6542m), and as a side-effect thereof; hot springs. We left at 7am and even so, there was quite a lot of traffic coming in and out of La Paz and El […]

Machu Picchu

12 years ago I was on the Ecuadorian side of the border to Peru, deciding whether to return home or push on to the southern parts of Peru. Often, I find, we are in similar situations, having to decide to go or not to go somewhere, and then eventually falling back on the premise that […]

Death Road

The fabled “Death Road” had to be tried out. A few years back this was still the main route between the lower lands and La Paz, Bolivia. And so there was alot of traffic coming up and down, making it very hazardous, since there are very few places on the 60km long stretch, where there […]

The Call of the Wild..

Im off to canada for a 3 week trip, visiting old friends, and escaping into the wild for a bit.

Whaleshark Report from LRCP 08

Whaleshark Report from LRCP, dec 08, written for Whaleshark and Science Officer The water was clear and calm like a silk blanket, bathed in light by an almost perfect full moon. With the mountains looming dark on either side, creating the perfect backdrop for our little adventure, we had ventured out and into the […]