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Death Road | Destilleret Eventyr

Death Road

The fabled “Death Road” had to be tried out. A few years back this was still the main route between the lower lands and La Paz, Bolivia. And so there was alot of traffic coming up and down, making it very hazardous, since there are very few places on the 60km long stretch, where there is enough room for cars to pass eachother. The result was alot of backtracking and dangerous situations, and sadly alot of fatal accidents. A new road has taken the traffic away, and its now a godsend for mountainbikers.

Death road

It starts out at the outskirts of La Paz at an elevation of 4700m, and ends in subtropical Coroico at around 1200m. The climatic belts you go through as you pass down though the mountain are stunning, but the drop offs, are mind boggling. The many crosses alongside the road, reminds you to take it easy, and to stay on the right side!

Drops of more than 500m or more are quite common, at places you can’t even see the bottom for the fog and clouds.

We did it on a crispy clear sunday morning in August at around 8am, and ended up in Coroico at around 2pm.

Do it for the nature first, then for the thrill. If you are skilled or have done it before on MTB, sure you can go a little faster, but if you drop off the cliff, chances are you will stay there.

See more pictures here.
See Topas Travel for more info.

Thomas Sindberg

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